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Examples from Coastal and Offshore Engineering 19.04.2017 | 13:15 Uhr - 14:45 Uhr

After a brief presentation of the dredging and marine work activities of the Jan De Nul Group, a focus is put on (i) classic rubble-mound and submerged breakwaters: a contractor’s view on design and build aspects: conceptual design aspects, how to deal with unknowns and how to translate design requirements into practical construction aspects? (ii) Soft and hard coastal protection: how to achieve sustainable and robust beach nourishments in response to sea-level rise and climatic change, and how to compare cost-efficiencies of soft vs hard coastal protection?and (iii) Offshore renewable energy: EPC contracting of offshore wind-mill farms, cable laying and rock-protection works: technical issues and constructional issues.


Bernhard Malherbe, Director Project Development, Jan De Nul Group, Belgien

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