29. October 2021 | Magazine:

The Week at TU Braunschweig │29.10.2021 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: teaching impulses + examples + electric flying + technology law + silent city + Kronslammer + breakfast + massage

Editor: Laurenz Kötter

► New impetus for international teaching

The Corona pandemic has transformed internationalization of teaching. An online symposium on November 18 and 19 will reflect on the experiences and rethink internationalization for future university teaching. Anyone interested is welcome.

► Exemplary and sustainable

The Total Quality award honors our university for equal opportunities and diversity for the fifth time. In addition, there was a sustainability award for the fourth successful application in a row since 2009. Congratulations!

► For those who make up their minds at short notice …

… the application deadline for Bachelor’s programs with open admission has been extended to November 5. In addition, there is an extra service to ensure that everything goes smoothly with the application: intensive counseling for prospective students and a special desk in the Student Service Center, which will accept and review applications from November 1 to 5.

► Fine dust: Drone Measurements at BER

ALADINA is the name of a drone from the Institute of Flight Guidance. The researchers are using it on behalf of the Federal Environment Agency to investigate how fine dust pollution will change as a result of the opening of the new BER airport.

► The future of flying is (also) electric

In Braunschweig, experts met to discuss prospects for environmentally friendly aviation: The focus of the symposium “Electric Propulsors in Aviation” was on the electrification of aircraft and cooperation between industry and research.

► Welcome, Professor Anne Paschke

She has been a university professor of public law and technology law since October 1. She researches legal topics as in digitalization, data protection and e-government. Since 2019, she has also been an officer for fundamental issues of digital policy in the Federal Chancellery.

► Goodbye

… Professor Dieter Dinkler! After 25 years as head of the Institute of Structural Analysis, he has retired as a university lecturer. In a laudatio, Professor Ursula Kowalsky pays tribute to his work.

► When the crack becomes too wide

How do cracks develop and change over the lifetime of a structure? Jonas Cramer is doing research on this in the Research Training Group 2075 of the Core Research Area “Future City” research focus.

► Silent city

At the virtual “Participation Week,” the Institute for Sustainable Urbanism (ISU) focuses on the issue of noise in the city. At the “Silent City” workshop on November 23, a wide variety of perspectives will come together to exchange ideas and plan for noise reduction.

► Teaching education rethought

… is the title of an anthology and a podcast, where teachers from various universities speak about teaching formats in didactics of Natural Sciences. In the latest episode  Tobias Denecke from the Institute for Specialized Didactics of Natural Sciences presents classroom management video vignettes.

► Voting for the Science Slam Championship 2021

Until 5 November, the audience can vote for one of the ten candidates to perform at this year’s German Science Slam Championship. Among them: Thomas Kronschläger from the Institute of German Studies! 

► From Macbeth to Memes

In the lecture series “Adaptation without Borders”, scholars from the USA to Korea show how literary classics overcome borders and build bridges. Professor Eckart Voigts explains in advance how adaptation brings together the present and the past.

► TU for Future

The lecture series on climate protection starts on 3 November with a lecture by Professor Antje Schwalb on “System Earth in Climate Change”. The event, which will be held for students of all disciplines in the Audimax, will be livestreamed on YouTube.

► Welcome breakfast

On Monday, the semester officially started with a digital coffee at the welcome breakfast for our new students. The two moderators Dilara Aktas and Sabrina Ammann interviewed President Professor Angela Ittel, Professor Knut Baumann, Professor Melanie Brinkmann and Luca Kienel.

► More breakfast

Get a few quick tips for a successful start to your studies while enjoying milk and cereal: From November 2 to 18, the Academic Advice Service will be providing first-year breakfast tips twice a week at 7 am.

► First all-English master’s program launched

At the kick-off of “Data Science“, the Departments of Mathematics and Computer Science welcomed the new students from all over the world. The English program has been very well received: there are already numerous applications for the coming semester.

► A relaxing break

As part of the “mentally fit?!” health campaign, you can book your personal feel-good time in a massage chair starting November 4.

► Approaches to cooperative research

On 03 November, an event as part of the series “Research Ethics and Reality” will focus on different approaches to cooperative research. Dr. Klaus Kock from the Social Research Centre in Dortmund will share his experiences and discuss, among other things, the opportunities, risks and prerequisites of cooperation.

► Darlings of the week

Our darlings of the week are Mehe Ayachi, Claas Narup and Timo Scholz! The Braunschweig Chamber of Commerce and Industry honored the three former trainees who are among the most successful in the district. Above all, we are also pleased that they are staying at the TU. Congratulations!