29. May 2020 | Magazine:

The Week at TU Braunschweig │29.05.2020 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: River mud + Arctic expedition + model railway + learning buddies + ombudspersons + Handel arias

Editor: Laurenz Kötter

► Slumping metropolises and micro plastics in the Oker

How will urban waters develop when it becomes drier and warmer? Dr. Anja Schwarz from the Institute of Geosystems and Bioindication is investigating the past of lakes in order to make forecasts for the future.

► News from MOSAiC

While Braunschweig approaches summer, Dr. Falk Pätzold from the Institute of Flight Guidance is researching in the Arctic – at “mild” -6°C. He has sent us photos of the first flight of the helicopter borne probe HELiPOD and tells us about curious visitors, football on ice floes and profound growling.

► Professionalizing a childhood dream

Four small railway stations and about 120 meters of model tracks: Near Braunschweig’s main station, employees of the Institute of Transport, Railway Construction and Operation are building a facility for training railway controlling. Students will soon control the model railway of the facility with the attached original technology.

► Learning Buddies for pupils

When Corona restricts school, creative ideas help. At the Faculty of Humanities and Studies in Education evolved the project “Learning Buddies”. Student teachers support pupils (and parents) in their homeschooling. Anyone who has problems with learning at home can contact www.tu-braunschweig.de/lern-buddies and will be connected with student teachers of the relevant subjects.

► Neutral, fair and strictly confidential

As ombudspersons they were the first contact for important and often difficult questions and conflicts in the field of good scientific practice: We want to thank Professor Petra Mischnick and Professor Dieter Dinkler for managing this difficult task for 12 years.

► Our musical darling of the week

We all miss concerts, theatre and readings. That is why NFF staff members were particularly happy about the guest performance “Die Stürmischen” by the Braunschweig State Theatre on Thursday. In the courtyard, mezzo-soprano Zhenyi Hou sang arias from Bizet, Mozart and Handel, accompanied on the E-piano by Min Ren. The concert was part of the project “We are coming to you”.

We wish you a nice long weekend! The weather is expected to be good!