25. June 2021 | Magazine:

The Week at TU Braunschweig │25.06.2021 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: appointment + traffic lights + trisomy 21 + science communication + (forgotten) airports + green

Editor: Laurenz Kötter

► Professor Angela Ittel receives letter of appointment

Next Thursday, Professor Angela Ittel will become president of our university. She is very much looking forward to “now serve as president at the fantastic TU Braunschweig in its exciting environment.” Science Minister Björn Thümler said on the occasion of the appointment: “I am certain: with her communication skills and her powerfully visionary demeanor, she will enrich Lower Saxony’s higher education landscape.” 

► Teaching and examination traffic light

Thanks to low Corona infection numbers in Braunschweig, the teaching traffic light turned yellow on June 21 and the exam traffic light turned orange on July 12. This means that special teaching formats, such as final exams, exam preparations or exam reviews, can take place in attendance. However, it does not mean that teaching and examination formats can be changed to a large extent, partly due to room availability.

► Help for health departments

In July, the Health Service is once again asking for our assistance. In particular, the regional health departments are in urgent need of contact tracing volunteers. Please contact Anne Fritz or Tim Landherr in the Personnel Department.

► Key protein of trisomy 21 inhibited in zebrafish

In joint research on genetic models of Down syndrome, the Zoological Institute and the Institute of Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry found a new approach for a potential active ingredient.

► Science communication in pandemics

Research during the Covid-19-crisis shows that direct communication by scientists is more effective than general media consumption. But how does it impact social media and what are the effects of citizen participation on scientific evidence? These questions are being investigated in a new research project, including Professor Monika Taddicken.

► TU-Nights: Mobility in focus

In the third week of the digital TU-Nights, we first visited the research airport. Professor Rolf Radespiel told us what fascinates him so much about flying and research. On Saturday, the 360° experience tour takes us to the underground car park under the University Square. There, Professor Jens Friedrichs will talk about forgotten airports, digitally surrounded by art and music.

► Tractors powered by fuel cells

The Institute of Professor Ludger Frerichs started as part of joint project H2Agrar, which aims to use environmentally friendly, regional hydrogen for agricultural mobility.

► “Horizon Europe Campaign 2021 in Lower Saxony”

The Innovationsnetzwerk Niedersachsen is offering online seminars on various priority areas of the new European Research Framework Program up to July 13.

► Darling of the Week

Our darling of the week is the newly founded “Green Office“.The four student employees want to promote a holistic sustainability of our university with projects, workshops and events and thus raise awareness for the responsible use of finite resources on campus. They are also looking for committed lecturers