25. February 2022 | Magazine:

The Week at TU Braunschweig │25.02.2022 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: Solidarity + Business Travel + Volunteers Wanted for Check-In + Sustainable Flying + Butter Tea in Tibet

Editor: Mark Winter

► Solidarity with Ukraine

Technische Universität Braunschweig is dismayed by the Russian attack on Ukraine and condemns it in the strongest possible terms, declare President Angela Ittel and Vice-President Dietmar Smyrek, and in their statement express solidarity with the people of Ukraine and the members of the TU Braunschweig with Ukrainian roots.

► Business trips in crisis areas

In view of Russia’s attack on Ukraine and the extremely worrying situation, the university management strongly advises against business trips to Russia and Belarus. We are monitoring events closely and are in close consultation with the Conference of University Rectors and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) regarding the possible organisation of our academic cooperation with Ukraine, but also with Russia. We will explore and evaluate the development of the current situation in consultation with our partners in the coming days and weeks.

► Support needed for the INTAKE check-in points

Students can now register their current 3G status with INTAKE for the attendance events of the summer semester. Volunteer supporters are still needed for the INTAKE counters in the Audimax foyer from 28 February to 11 March. If you would like to support the registration in coordination with your supervisors, please contact Kai Brunzel, Tel.: -4310, k.brunzel@tu-braunschweig.de with your possible working hours. The check-in points are open on Mondays 7:30-16:00, Tuesdays to Thursdays 8:30-16:00 and Fridays 8:30-15:00.

► Audio podcast: Sustainable aviation explained

How aircraft can become sustainable is the subject of a new episode in the podcast “Exzellent erklärt – Spitzenforschung für alle”. The episode will be released on 1 March 2022 and presents research in the Cluster of Excellence SE²A of TU Braunschweig.

► Planned: New building for the pharmacy teaching building

The teaching and research for pharmacy will receive an identity-forming new building with a lecture hall, library, training pharmacy and laboratories. The design plan includes a hybrid construction made of wood and largely recycled reinforced concrete. Construction is scheduled to start in the middle of 2023.

► The Quartier Maker

How can urban districts like the Schwarze Berg in the north of Braunschweig be made more lively? Architecture graduate Ayat Tarik Kamil has now opened the Quartier:HAUS there as a contact point and meeting place for residents.

► Butter tea, ba and dung walls

In the second part of her TransTiP logbook, Siran Liang from the Institute for Geosystems and Bioindication describes the everyday life with “her” herder family in Changtang. Impressive photos show life on the Tibetan Plateau.

► New Chair of the GDCh Photochemistry Division

…is Stefanie Tschierlei, Professor of Physical Chemistry. The interdisciplinary specialist group of the German Chemical Society (GDCH) deals, among other things, with the application of photochemistry in biology, medicine and technology. Congratulations!

► Perspectives from an Unconditional Basic Income

Would such an income increase our individual freedom? This is one of the questions addressed at the DFG-funded conference on unconditional basic income on 3 and 4 March, organised by Prof. Hans-Christoph Schmidt am Busch from the Institute of Philosophy and Dr. Gottfried Schweiger from the University of Salzburg.

► New onboarding tool for first-year students

The new onboarding tool of the D1RECTIONS project of the Institute of Psychology offers orientation and help at the beginning of their studies. After registration, the tool not only provides first-year students with all the important information about their studies, but also gives them the opportunity to develop themselves through small tasks and to record their progress in a digital diary.

► German-Korean Funding Programme for Joint Workshops and Research Visits

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and the National Research Foundation of Korea invite proposals for German-Korean workshops and research stays until 14 April.

► Call for proposals for working groups within sustainability research

The DKN (German Committee for Sustainability Research in Future Earth) supports working group meetings to strengthen sustainability research in Germany and to support scientists in their research activities. The deadline for applications is 01 April 2022.

► Darling of the week

Our darling is the Braunschweig fire brigade, which was quickly on site with a mobile crane to dismantle the clouds on the Audimax that had been loosened by the storm. Many thanks!