24. June 2022 | Magazine:

The Week at TU Braunschweig │24.06.2022 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: New, old normality + Flying more sustainably and comfortably +
Postdoc Day + iGEM team 

Editor: Mark Winter

► Back on campus

With the start of the summer semester, many students and staff have returned to campus after the Corona regulations expired. In her Spotlight, President Angela Ittel therefore takes a look at the return to the new, old normal and says, not at least: Welcome back to campus!

► Breaking GaN

Tiny LEDs can be made from the semiconductor gallium nitride – with the right equipment. The Institute of Semiconductor Technology therefore has two new large-scale instruments, which Dr. Jana Hartmann presents.

► Flying through turbulence undisturbed

Less weight, fuel consumption and emissions, more comfort for passengers: efficient active load reduction systems have the potential to make flying more sustainable in the future. The Junior Research Group led by Dr André Bauknecht in the Cluster of Excellence SE²A is researching how this can be achieved.

► Move in the city

On today’s Digital Day, the SpACE Lab at the Institute for Sustainable Urbanism invites participants to a virtual reality experiment that takes them through Braunschweig. And they can become researchers and collectors of urban data themselves.

► Postdoc Day 2022

After a Corona-related pause of almost two years, the Postdoc Day took place again on 16 June at BRICS with almost 50 participants. This time the motto was: “Arriving and networking at TU Braunschweig”.

► VR: How can cybersickness be reduced?

A team from the Institute for Computer Graphics has been awarded the “Honorable Mention for Best Journal Paper” at the IEEE VR Conference, a leading conference on virtual reality. The paper Omnidirectional Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation in Virtual Reality focuses on reducing the simulator sickness that occurs when we view moving images in virtual reality that do not match our body motion.

► TU team overall winner at FieldRobotEvent 2022

The team of six students was able to secure the overall victory at the FieldRobotEvent. In the competition, students from all over the world compete against each other with their self-developed field robots. The decisive factor for the TU team’s success was a device they designed to supply individual plants with liquid fertiliser.

► Audimax shortlisted for Lower Saxony State Prize for Architecture

On June 23, the Lower Saxony State Prize for Architecture was awarded for the reorganization and renovation of the Leeste Cooperative Comprehensive School in the municipality of Weyhe in the district of Diepholz in the large ballroom at the Old Town Hall in Hanover. Among the twelve properties shortlisted by the jury was our main lecture hall, which was refurbished in line with historic preservation requirements between 2019 and 2021.

► Apprenticeship completed with “triple gold”

Great joy at the Institute of Microtechnology (IMT): Emily Goscheva, Katharina Klein and Hamdi Sharaf have each completed their apprenticeship with a “very good”. While Ms Goscheva and Mr Sharaf completed it as microtechnologists at the IMT, Ms Klein learned the profession of office management assistant.

► Many thanks for successful digital university information days (HIT)

14 hours of live events over two days: 64 portraits of study programs, taster lectures and presentations. More than 70 experts. 1750 participants. MANY THANKS to all those involved, supporting, cheering, promoting, motivating, active, to all of you, that we were once again able to put on two such extensive and diverse digital university information days (HIT) on June 9 and 10!

► BMBF call for proposals for competence centers for digital teaching in the STEM fields

Funding is available for collaborative projects that research and develop digitization-related offerings for teachers across the entire range of general education and vocational training courses in the STEM subjects and the specialized didactic training required for this. Prepoposals are requested by July 29.

► BMBF call for proposals for Franco-German projects on artificial intelligence

This bilateral funding measure finances high-quality AI research collaborations between France and Germany (funding line 1: research collaborations, funding line 2: R&D projects). Preproposals must be submitted to the respective national project management organization (DLR Projektträger or ANR) by September 22.

► Darling of the week

Our darlings of the week are highly innovative (synthetic) biologists. A team of twelve life science students is currently developing a novel modular system for antigen testing. They are also taking part in the iGEM Foundation’s international competition this year. They have also provided an insight into their work on social media. We wish them every success!