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The Week at TU Braunschweig │09.07.2021 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: old bone + new chips + hot constructing + secrets + rainbow + fallen fruit + oasis

Editor: Laurenz Kötter

► The Neanderthal as an artist?

An inconspicuous foot bone from the Unicorn Cave in the Harz Mountains turns out to be a sensation: A research team with the participation of the Institute for Geosystems and Bioindication has analyzed the bone of a giant deer, dated to an age of 51,000 years, and comes to the conclusion: The Neanderthal, our genetically closest relative, already had amazing cognitive abilities.

► Master at miniaturization

With quantum computers, the trickiest question is not whether it works. What matters is whether it is scalable. A key for the Quantum Valley Lower Saxony to a scalable quantum computer could therefore be the newly named Institute of CMOS Design.

► When it gets too hot on the construction site

What impact does climate change have on work in the open air like in the construction industry? This is what the Institute for Construction Engineering and Management investigated in the “KlimaBau” project. In an interview, Professor Patrick Schwerdtner and Luisa Kynast report on the research results.

► The secret of the lake sediments

A research project led by Professor Antje Schwalb and Dr. Liseth Pérez from the Institute of Geosystems and Bioindication is reconstructing the climate history of the tropics of North and Central America with lake sediments from deep drillings in Lake Chalco in central Mexico and Lake Petén-Itzá in Guatemala.

► New DFG research group investigates chronic DNA virus infections

Many people are infected with DNA viruses such as herpes or papilloma viruses throughout their lives. A newly established research group by the German Research Foundation (DFG) with Professor Melanie Brinkmann, aims to decipher mechanisms of human cells that cause chronic and acute infections with DNA viruses.

► Toxic effect of Parkinson’s drug on brain cells investigated

Levodopa is considered one of the most important drugs for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. The team led by Professor Karsten Hiller was able to show that the substance is not toxic to the cells, but has an effect on the metabolism of the neurons and may be responsible for a very unpleasant side effect.

► How a newspaper article led to a strategic partnership

In our new series we introduce you to our international strategic partner universities. We start with the University of Rhode Island. A partnership that began with a newspaper article in the 1990s.  

► Raising of the rainbow flag

On Thursday, July 15, we will once again raise the rainbow flag on University Square at 12 p.m. as a sign for diversity, tolerance and the right to self-determination. Everybody is invited to join us. Please keep a distance of 1.5 meters and wear a mask.

► HI!TECH – a new initiative

With HI!TECH, the iTUBS bundles its support of start-ups and spin-offs from the science and develops new formats. The platform contains interviews with high-tech founders from Braunschweig, event tips and maps the regional startup ecosystem.

► Green School: Ideas for nature observation

Pollination, insect-friendly gardens, bionics – the Green School now offers a “Topic of the Month” on its website. There, the team compiles small observation assignments for students or interested teachers according to the season.

► Joint appointment of Prof. Christina Umstätter

Cooperation consolidated: Since the beginning of the month, Professor Christina Umstätter has been the new director of the Thünen Institute of Agricultural Technology and at the same time professor of Digital Agriculture at the TU Braunschweig.

► Reallabor Hagenmarkt is extended

Since the city of Braunschweig has approved an extension of the Reallabor Hagenmarkt for one year, the square can further be used temporarily as a place for exhibition and discussion. Institutes that would also like to participate can contact the project team with their ideas: reallabor-hagenmarkt@tu-braunschweig.de.

►“Carolos Fallobst”

With “Carolos Fallobst” Sandkasten started a science podcast. Every two weeks there will be a new episode. Next up with Hendrik Traub from the Institute of Mechanics and Adaptronics, who is researching laminar flow in the SE²A cluster.

► Wholesome oasis

The medicinal plant garden of the Institute of Pharmaceutical Biology is open again. Mondays to Fridays, 200 medicinal plants can now once again be marveled at on the Mendelssohnstraße on an area of around 2000 square meters.

► How to: Horizon Europe

What is new in Horizon Europe compared to Horizon 2020? On July 13, the national contact point Health in Germany will present the application template in the Horizon Europe program and provide tips on how to apply. Register here.

► Vaccination offer in Meine

The Balck medical practice in Meine contacted us yesterday: There are currently still quite a few free vaccination slots. You can even choose the vaccine. Please use the online appointment system. 

► Goodbye Tentomax

The circus tent that replaced the large lecture hall during the renovation of the Audimax is no longer there. It has been removed at the end of the rental period.

► Darling of the Week

Our darling of the week is literally a healing oasis that can now finally be enjoyed again: The Institute of Pharmaceutical Biology’s medicinal plant garden is open again. From Mondays to Fridays, 200 medicinal plants can now be marveled at around 2000 square meters on Mendelssohnstraße.

► Digital bouquet of flowers

For its 200th meeting, a digital bouquet of flowers goes to the Commission for Studies and Continuing Education. For more than 30 years, the members have been preparing topics for the senate and the presidium. Currently, for example, the focus is on the teaching reports of the subjects.

► Your feedback on The Week

Almost 18 percent of all employees participated in the survey of this newsletter. With that, you gave us valuable feedback – and some work to do. Of course, we don’t want to withhold the results from you. In fact, we’re taking you into consideration enough to wait until you’re back from your summer vacation. 😉