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The Week at TU Braunschweig │07.05.2021 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: vaccinations & tests + acoustics³ + pioneers + Karst + survey

Editor: Laurenz Kötter

► Employer certificate for vaccination appointment

Employer vaccination certificates for Priority Group 3 have already been sent to institutions via interdepartmental mail through your institution’s management. After the MWK informed us that due to the change in the coronavirus vaccination regulation, persons working at universities are entitled to a vaccination with increased priority, the crisis team informed you about this immediately. A very sincere thank you to all colleagues in the Personnel Department who immediately began preparing the approximately 6,000 form letters and answering your many questions about them. Since then, many inquiries have been received. At this point, we would like to briefly summarize the most important points once again:

  • The certificates have been distributed to the management of the institutions with the request that they be handed out personally to the individual employees.
  • The certificates for the student assistants have also already been prepared and sent out.
  • Yesterday, the MWK clarified that lecturers also belong to priority group 3. Corresponding certificates will follow shortly.
  • The allocation of appointments is the responsibility of the vaccination centers and medical practices in accordance with the specified vaccination sequence. There are obviously regional differences in the scheduling of appointments. In addition, the development is dynamic. The state of Lower Saxony has not yet released vaccination for priority group 3. The Braunschweig Vaccination Center yesterday uploaded a release from the state of Lower Saxony stating that priority group 3 is categorized into 3 waves and university employees there should have the opportunity to register for an appointment starting May 31, 2021. Employees have told us that with some primary care physicians, there is already an opportunity to get a spot on a waiting list. It is therefore recommended to keep an eye on the possibilities for appointments individually and to take care of an appointment or a place on the waiting list timely

► Video greeting to state employees

“Take advantage of the testing offers, test yourself regularly and thus help to curb the incidence of infection,” is the request of Minister President Stephan Weil in his video message to all employees of the state Lower Saxony.

► Top ratings in the CHE university ranking

In the current university ranking of the Center for Higher Education Development (CHE), TU Braunschweig performs very well. Especially In the subjects of biology, life sciences and pharmacy, students give many top ratings as to the general study situation, scientific relevance and support for studying abroad.

► SE²A research club “changING” explored the world of acoustics

Dr. Katharina Völkel and Fiona Gottschalk from the Institute of Acoustics, together with the “changING” team led by Dina Al-Kharabsheh, came up with an exciting idea to get the students excited about acoustics research: a soundwalk with fair experiments.

► Career opportunities and meaningfulness

The Institute of Acoustics also participates in the SE²A Cluster of Excellence with research projects on noise research. An interview with the Head of the institute Professor Sabine C. Langer.

► Picture of the month: Chladnian sound figures

How can you make the vibrational behaviour of plate structures visible? With a simple experiment from the 18th century, which is also shown for teaching purposes in the acoustics laboratory. Sebastian Rothe explains how the impressive patterns in the “Picture of the Month” are created.

► On walking in the karst

How do a literary scholar, a geoscientist and a conservationist look at rock and landscape? Professor Jan Röhnert, Professor Antje Schwalb and Friedhart Knolle will be talking about the karst in an online discussion on May 12. In an interview about his book “Vom Gehen im Karst” (On Walking in the Karst), Professor Jan Röhnert tells us what inspired him to write about it.

► When the part-time job is no longer available

In our series of interviews with employees from the Student Service Center, Marta Gabriel-Kawulok from the Social Counseling of the Studentenwerk reports on the problems students currently face.

► IT-Security Awareness Days

On the initiative of TU Braunschweig, several German universities are jointly organizing a university-public and free online lecture series on information security from June 7 to 18. The topics include e-mail security, secure handling of research data and information security in the home office.

► Commemorative publication for Prof. Hans Walter Louis

The board of the Institute of Law honored Professor Hans Walter Louis with a commemorative publication.

► Young Mobility Changers

The cost-free “Young Mobility Changers” program at the “Future Mobility Summit” on June 8, which TU Braunschweig is supporting as scientific partner, is aimed at scientific staff and students. They can submit ideas and projects on the future of mobility and urban development for the “Mobility Innovators Pitch” until May 16.

► Training for your MSCA Postdoctoral

Fellowship applicationThe Research Services and European Office supports you in the application process for Postdoctoral Fellowships. Prerequisite: It includes the TU Braunschweig as host institution for a European Fellowship or in the return phase in a Global Fellowship.

► Digital bouquet of flowers

This digital bouquet of flowers goes to Cindy Liermann, coordinator of workplace health promotion. Sender Manuela Marktscheffel has known Ms. Liermann for some time as a cheerfully integrative exercise instructor and organizer. The digital flowers are for the additional work on a flexible online program.

► Darling of the Week

Our Darling of the Week is you – dear reader of the Week. Since the premiere of the Week a little over a year ago, we have received many responses. Thank you very much for this feedback. Now we are asking you for even more feedback in our survey on the Week.