5. November 2021 | Magazine:

The Week at TU Braunschweig │05.11.2021 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: flying + welding + vaccinating + working + biking + comets + plant biology

Editor: Lisa Ryll

► CampusTV interview with Professor Angela Ittel

What is it like to move from Berlin to Braunschweig? What do you think about your appointment as a psychologist at a technical university? What is your fondest memory from your student days? President Angela Ittel answers these and more questions in her interview with CampusTV.

► Comets in the Laboratory

To find out more about comets, scientists have set up a new laboratory in Braunschweig. The centerpiece is a thermal vacuum chamber that is unique in the world. It is equipped with many different measuring instruments. An international collaboration with partners from Sweden, England, China and Germany in the CoPhyLab project made this possible.

► No programming needed: Robots learn gripping movements from humans

A TU Braunschweig spin-off is working on a robot that has a gripping hand modeled after a human. This can detect gripping forces via a sense of force and imitate them using artificial intelligence. The founding team is now presenting a prototype.

► Welding with traffic running

How can cracks in bridges be welded during repair work without closing the entire structure? Florian Begemann is doing research on this in the Research Training Group 2075.

► Drug Candidates in the Plant Genome

Since October 1 Professor Boas Pucker has been building up the Plant Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Group at the Institute of Plant Biology. His focus is on substances that plants have evolved, for example as colorants for flowers or as defense substances against infections.

► Mobile Vaccination Team arrives earlier

The vaccination bus is making another stop on campus on 8 and 9 November. Originally, 17 November was announced. From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., you can receive your first, second or (depending on requirements) third vaccination with Biontech.

► News from Research on Sustainable Aviation

On November 9, the Aeronautics Research Centre Niedersachsen (NFL) will hold its NFL Research Day as a hybrid event. With presentations on noise research, sustainable aerodynamics and battery concepts. 

► Higher Education Coaching

The Competence Centre for Higher Education Didactics for Lower Saxony invites to the virtual seventh conference HochschulCoaching on 22 November. The topic is “Thinking and Designing Universities Sustainably”.

► Pro*Niedersachsen

Applications for the programme “Pro*Niedersachsen – Research Projects in the Humanities, Cultural and Social Sciences” can again be submitted until 15 December. 

► Horizon Europe Webinar Series

Between 17 November and 7 December, the National Contact Point for Cluster 6 Bioeconomy and Environment is hosting a series of webinars on how to apply for Horizon Europe. Starting with the presentation of the calls for proposals. 

► Bicycles on a budget …

… are up for auction on 13 November at the Universitätsplatz. About 80 almost intact old bicycles collected by the “New Mobility” team in summer will be auctioned. In addition, about 70 defective old bicycles will be given away free of charge. There will be a viewing from 12 to 2 pm, followed by the auction until 6 pm. Only cash payment possible! 

► “Your account has been blocked” … How hackers and data thieves break into universities

The main topic of our latest monthly newsletter is IT security. It also takes a look at how quantum computers can work more space-savingly and efficiently and how the aviation of the future should be sustainable. Sounds interesting? Then subscribe to the newsletter to never miss a new edition. 

► Darling of the week

Our darling of this week is Professor Anne Paschke from the Institute of Law. The World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Agile Governance selected her as one of the 2021 “Agile 50 – The World’s 50 Most Influential People Navigating Disruption“, an award that honours individuals who are driving agility in government, regulation and policy-making around the world. We say: Congratulations!