1. October 2021 | Magazine:

The Week at TU Braunschweig │01.10.2021 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: Learning of Tomorrow + Extreme printing + Change + Cyber-Security + Multilingual Components + CITY CYCLING

Editor: Lisa Ryll

► About the Future of Learning

… and teaching, President Angela Ittel exchanged ideas with professors, postdocs, doctoral students and students of the Faculty of Humanities and Education. In her Spotlight, she reports on her visit to the North Campus.

► Lightweight Concrete Bridges from the 3D Printer

How can the enormous material consumption in construction be reduced? In a project funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, the Institute for Building Materials, Concrete Construction and Fire Safety (iBMB) and the Institute of Structural Design (ITE) are pushing the limits of 3D printing and using a new technique to create extremely lightweight structures from concrete. We talked to Professor Dirk Lowke about “Beyond 3D Printing”.

► BepiColombo: First Rendezvous with Mercury

On October 2, BepiColombo will make its first flyby of Mercury until it enters Mercury orbit in 2025 after further flyby maneuvers. TU measurement technology will be activated, collecting magnetic field data from the southern hemisphere for the first time!

► A Warm Welcome

We welcome Professor Ulrike Fauerbach! The expert in ancient Egyptian architecture has been head of the Institute for Building History since September 1. In this interview, she tells us what we can learn from history for today’s architecture.

► Regional and urban development over time

Why are some regions so much more attractive and prosperous than others? What impact do regional differences have on cohesion and economic development? Felix Rösel deals with questions like these. In our interview, the new Professor of Economics talks about his research and his philosophy for studying and teaching. 

► International studies

Components for internationalisation are the two new internationally oriented degree programmes starting in the winter semester. Both have an international focus and offer students the opportunity to complete all or part of their studies in English.

► IT Security Awareness Days 2021

This series of online events focuses on information security. All content is explicitly prepared for non-IT-savvy employees and students. It starts on October 4.

► The Horizon Results Booster Info Event

On October 5, the European Commission will provide information about its new Horizon Results Booster platform. The link to the livestream will be provided on the event website

► 4th place at the CITY CYCLING competition

With 4th place and 39,000 kilometres, the “TU Braunschweig” team has once again achieved a great result in the STADTRADELN! Professor Sándor Fekete from the Institute for Operating Systems and Computer Networks was the most active cyclist out of 176 participants. With 1,745 kilometres, he cycled the year our university was founded! The kilometres cycled up to 25 September can still be entered until 2 October.

► Postdoc programme online

The Postdoc Programme for the upcoming winter semester is online, registrations for the events are possible. On the program’s pages you will find a program flyer as well as information on coaching and mentoring opportunities.

► Information Portal in English and German

A quick tip due to current events: English-language documents are automatically displayed in the English-language user interface. Each person must switch between German and English individually. You can also find the instructions in the Information Portal.

► Darling of the week

Since Monday, more people have been strolling around campus again with our distinctive, bright red welcome bags. Since Monday, these have been handed out to the new freshmen together with the TUcards. We are very happy that more life is coming back! That’s why our darlings this week are all the students who are coming back to campus. Welcome back!