1. July 2022 | Magazine:

The Week at TU Braunschweig │01.07.2022 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: Staff meeting + Radio instead of fibre + Let’s talk teaching! + Fitness for the brain 

Editor: Mark Winter

► Invitation to the staff meeting

The Staff Council invites all staff to this year’s Staff Assembly on 7 July in the Aula in the Haus der Wissenschaft. The main topic will be the university development concept, on which President Prof. Angela Ittel will also give input.

► Pictures, pictures, pictures

If you missed the campus events in the past few days, you can now get some impressions in our magazine: In our picture galleries, we look back at TUmorrow Day, Digital Day and the LiteraTUr Festival on North Campus.

►  Radio instead of (glass) fibre

The world’s first bidirectional terahertz radio link with a real data connection connects the Oker Tower and the TU’s IT Centre over a distance of 160 metres. It was developed as part of the international ThoR project and has now been presented at its final workshop.

► Galka Emmy Scheyer’s Gallery House in Hollywood

… will be presented by Gilbert Holzgang on July 5 (lecture hall SN 19.2) in a lecture of the Bet Tfila – Research Unit for Jewish Architecture. The house of the Brunswick painter and art promoter once provided space for exhibitions of the painters such as Feininger and Kandinsky.

► Diversity Day on 14 July

We will celebrate the first Diversity Day at TU Braunschweig by raising the rainbow flag, engaging in expert discussions and supporting projects that promote diversity and anti-discrimination. We want to learn together, discuss, get to know and understand new perspectives.

► Let’s talk teaching!

On 5 July, the Project House invites you to the first Stammtisch Lehre (regulars’ table) at Café HERMAN’s. In a convivial atmosphere, you can discuss everything that makes teaching exciting and sometimes challenging. The Stammtisch is open to everyone. Registrations are accepted by e-mail.

► Live debate at the Haus der Wissenschaften and via streaming

Non-invasive blood tests, which can detect genetic alterations in an embryo, will become a statutory health insurance benefit from 1 July. But how reliable are these tests? Will more blood tests lead to more abortions or, above all, enable parents to lead a self-determined life? The project “Die Debatte” will discuss these and other questions on 5 July.

► HEX Festival

With Prof. Melanie Brinkmann, Prof. Tatjana Schneider and Prof. Monika Taddicken, TU Braunschweig is represented by several speakers at the HEX Festival from 5 to 8 July. In various events and discussion rounds, the focus will be on the question: What can we hope for in the future and what should we expect?

► Working under the WissenschaftsZeitVertragsGesetz (Science Temporary Contracts Act)

The Kooperationsstelle Hochschulen – Gewerkschaften Südostniedersachsen offers a lecture on this topic followed by a discussion in the Haus der Wissenschaft on 7 July. Registration is possible by email.

► Volkswagen Foundation Call on Neuromorphic Computing

Early-career researchers (postdocs and assistant/junior professors) may apply for an Ideation Workshop until 16 August. Subsequently, the Foundation will offer participants of the workshop the opportunity to submit proposals for collaborative research projects.

► Darling of the week

Our darling of the week is against laziness – at least when it comes to our grey cells! Professor Martin Korte, neurobiologist and director of the Zoological Institute, was a guest on the “Forsch!” podcast where he gives tips on what we can do to keep our brains and memory fit!